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Authors helping Authors: Recommendations of Great Reads

For this continuing series of posts, I'm recommending other works of fiction and non-fiction.

I'd like to start with Ta-Nehisi Coates' We Were Eight Years in Power. This powerful text is at once memoir, history, news, and social and political commentary of the highest order. It is a must read to understand where America is now and how we got to this point.

My second recommendation is Christine Young's Sweet Surrender.

Here is a synopsis for fans of the genre:

Sweet Surrender

Book Five in the McKenna Clan Series

by Christine Young

Rogue Phoenix Press

Ripped from her family at the top of Infinity Cliff, Kimi McKenna finds herself thrust somewhere into the future. Dark elements threaten to destroy the earth unless Kimi can work together with the white witch to stop the destruction. Confused by her mate's role in the conspiracy, she refuses to acknowledge the connection. But amidst raging fire and attacks on the people she is coming to hold dear, she allows Maska O'keefe into her heart

Maska O'keefe has loved the beautiful shape shifter for years. Unable to save her life years ago, he vows to watch over her as he is given a second chance to convince her that even though he is a witch and not a shifter, they are indeed soul mates. Kimi's divided loyalties between her family and the cause she is now a part of will determine their relationship. Only the part she plays as the messiah can bring this to a conclusion in the final battle.

Available at Amazon


Rogue Phoenix Press, LLP

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